About The Company

Panto-WHAT?! Theater Company is an applied arts collaborative founded by Ruthie Scarpino and Michael Curtin. Panto-WHAT?! Theater Company believes that performance can be used to enrich beyond its discipline, creating interactive, participant focused performances, and workshops.

The Mystery At Ginger Creek: An Interactive Adventure

Welcome to Ginger Creek, where curious characters and perplexing events are the norm. Join Hank O’ Hara and Sally Silver Gunz, as they run from the law, stumble over clues and suffer from amnesia. Their lives depend on you, as they attempt to solve a murder and prove their innocence.

The Mystery At Ginger Creek is suitable for everyone ages 7 and up! It uses mime and sound effects to turn the traditional mystery theater experience on it's head, with no violence, gore or guts!

What is Applied Arts?

Applied Arts uses an art form such as theater, circus or visual art as a mechanism for education, communication, and social justice.

Many Applied Arts practitioners use their medium to address social and cultural policies that effect: education, women’s rights, LGBT issues, health care, housing, and the criminal justice system.  

Applied Arts is often used in non-traditional venues including but not limited to schools, hospitals, refugee aid organizations, and the justice system.