Thank you Pantaloons!

Our patrons are the best! Just like a good pair of pants, the Pantaloons “keep us covered!” Thanks to their generous gifts and support, we are able to continue down our creative path.

We would like to publicly acknowledge our Pantaloons for all that they do:

  • Karin Peterson 
  • Lisa Kornberg
  • Emma Hawthorn 
  • Jane M. Abernethy 
  • Pat Harrington 
  • Carol and David Emory 
  • Julie Middleton 
  • Simon Ying 
  • Nancy Gordon
  • Sarah Katz
  • Patty Sprague
  • Elsa Geskus
  • Rosemary Hood
  • Francoise Voranger
  • Judith Burtman
  • Guy Scarpino
  • Rachel Branham

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