Accolades and Reviews

This is a thoroughly engaging show. It’s well worth taking your kids to and ensuring they won’t be passive for an hour. They’ll lean forwards, interested in the show, and get into it!

It must be difficult to create a mystery and stay on top of it when we are constantly involved as an audience. It requires self-assurance and trust between performers. There’s plenty of that on show.

Overall this is well worth seeing. A quality story, genuinely interesting, funny, and with plenty to draw us all in. Recommended.
— Paul Levy

Fringe Review by Paul Levy

A really energetic show with two performers playing multiple roles. They encouraged all the young people to participate and our grandchildren had a wonderful time as did we. To be thoroughly recommended.
— S. Rhodes
Thoroughly enjoyed this very funny and entertaining whodunnit. Very well acted and great audience interaction throughout. Highly recommend for all ages!
— Michelle H
Great show! Very entertaining for both kids and adults alike. Two performers playing a host of hilarious characters, especially the interrupting Igor!
— T.J. Mathias
What a fantastic show. The characters are hilarious, the performances are exceptional and the way the two performers interact with children and adults alike is outstanding. It is laugh out loud from start to finish and a must see for any parents.
— Mike Morris
You’ve gotta hand it to anyone who proudly bills their show as “Interactive Theater.” Most audiences cringe at the thought of an actor breaking the fourth wall and involving them in the story. But “Panto-What? Theater Company,” somehow pulls it off with their new show, “The Mystery at Ginger Creek,” creating a fun and inviting atmosphere that any audience would be glad to spend their evening in.

I sincerely hope “Panto-What? Theater Company” will have many chances to give “The Murder at Ginger Creek” a performance life beyond the Frigid Fest. Some very fun work here!
— Off The Beaten Track
This show is the opposite of bad... it’s fantastic! I found this show super enjoyable!
— S.R. Blake
Laugh out loud funny! Great show for kids and adults!
— A. Hammond
Interactive? I was afraid they’d make me come up on stage and strip, sing and eat a spider. But it wasn’t like that. Nothing even came close to violating my supersensitive comfort zone. Go see it. It’s clever, funny and fun.
— K. Curtin
Ms. Scarpino and Mr. Gargan offer a remarkable experience for their audience, no matter their age. Using festive costume props and stereotypical language, they seamlessly float in and out of their characters making it easy to keep up with the action. They engage the audience (a.k.a. the locals and the detectives) with questions throughout the story which the children (and adults!) seemed to adore.
— K. Hardwick

Hi! Drama Review by K. Hardwick